Sunday, February 26, 2012

Achievement Unlocked!

Hooray! I did it! I don't know how I did it, but I did it! As of February 22, my goal of having 4 sales total for February is fulfilled! Anything else for the month is just gravy on the cake. Or is that icing on the broccoli? Cheese on the mashed potatoes? Spam in your ham?

The Shop is doing pretty well. Monday listing went off without a hitch. We listed a new Cthulhu Phone Cozy in our most popular color(s): variegated greens. This one has "slitty eyes". Sorta looks like giant black flat-head screw tops. Exciting!

"Squinting into the distance..."

At some point in the middle of the week, I got a request for a Special Order for 10 Triple Town Bears. Holy Frijoles! My first bulk order. It's both exciting and horrifying. Crocheting that many bears for a big order, while also attempting to finish simultaneous crochet products for listing Monday (some bears; some cozies), is a bit nerve-wrecking. That being said, I'm pretty far along. With any luck, I'll get these bears all wrapped up in time so that they can be at their destination by March 2nd. In general, bulk orders like this require 10 days to fill. However, I am pulling "overtime" in a way to get them out the door sooner. I have my incentive --- visibility (the GOOD kind.)

I got my eyes order for the bears on Saturday. I bought them from 6060 on Etsy, a US-based Etsy store. 6060 gave me the best customer experience I've ever had online. Not only did I get upgraded shipping, but the eyes were shipped same day at noon. 6060 was also super duper awesome fixing the mess I made with the purchase --- made purchase BEFORE shipping changes were applied to the listing. Oops. Etsy seriously needs to add in the ability to pick a shipping preference, partly for people like me who get over excited and screw up, but mostly so those who offer a variety of shipping options can do so in the listing instead of in the shop policies. I will be ordering my eyes exclusively from 6060 hence forth. Now if I could just find an exclusive dealer for buttons...


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