Friday, February 08, 2013

USPS Saturday Mail and What it Means

USPS Parcel Post Unchanged

USPS announced that they will no longer be delivering First Class Mail on Saturdays. Our initial reaction here was, "WAHOO! No more Junk Mail on Saturday." Then, like most people, we had a mild case of panic set in. As it turns out...

...the changes announced by USPS do not change package delivery...

Parcel post will still be delivered on Saturdays. And USPS will still be open on Saturdays for package drop-off. In other words, shipping here at Cozy Rhody will continue to work the same way it has in the past.

So, after amending our initial statement, Cozy Rhody had this to say: "WAHOO! No more Junk Mail on Saturday. And if the Post Man shows up on Saturday, WE GET SHINY THINGS! SQUEE!!!"

But, Wait! There's More...

Before we sign off for the weekend, Cozy Rhody would like to make a special statement:

Due to inclement weather, shipping will be delayed 1 day for orders made February 8 - 10, 2013.


Cozy Rhody will need an extra day to "work off that excess energy" the adopt-ees are going to have after being cooped up inside for 48 hours.

We here at Cozy Rhody believe in safety for all! Please remember to bring your pets inside during harsh weather conditions. Fido feels just as cold as you do when that wind blows! Not to mention he's too damned short to see where he's going when it snows more than 2".

Stay Safe!


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