Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I enjoy yarn, probably too much. So during April, Cozy Rhody will be participating in Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2K12. (See what I did there?) Participants are entered into multiple chances to win yarn. They can also win other "knitting gears" and some books. I don't particularly care for knitting related items for me. But I have knitters I know and winning a free knitting-related item means I don't have to think about nor purchase items for birthdays/Christmas/Wintereenmas/Pandafest/Etc.

This week has been mostly filled with non-shop related things, which is bad for my custom orders that I need to fill. The work I've been doing is code related. Cozy Rhody's owner, moi, is a Programmer. I went and got schooled in all the wondrous things of programming --- compilers, data structures, operating systems, maths, etc. And after a long hiatus from industry (Nov 2010 until about now), I have not been paid to do any programming. Until now. I've done plenty of side projects, of course. But all were sweat equity in hopes of one of two things:

  • Investment capital
  • Graduating my friend the PhD Student

The latter has been accomplished. The former is a WIP with positive outlook. But, enough about me.

Triple Town Bears are hot! Only two left in stock. Going to have to trap me some more bears for a re-stock before too long. And, even though I've completely failed on my end to list anything for 2 weeks, I have plenty of things to list on the shop. However, in lieu of a supposedly accepted craft fair application, most of those items will not be listed until after May 19 or thereabouts. Whenever the day after the craft fair is.

Weather has been unseasonably agreeable lately. Temps have been in the mid to upper 70s for two weeks now. And it's not projected to drop back down to "normal" for another week. I suppose it's only fitting that after we replaced a boiler in the "studio", the weather would get crazy warm and it would be unneeded. Slept with the windows open two nights in a row. Probably going to make it a third, fourth, and fifth before the week is up.

Lastly, but not leastly, I have started training for a very long cycling trip in August. Because of training, odds are not likely that same-day-shipping will occur for purchases from the shop. Worry not, however, as next-day-shipping will occur instead. At, like, 8:00 AM.


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